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2020 July 03
Time to buy? Auckland rental returns hit the sweetspot - For the first time in over five years, the average Auckland rental property has a gross yield that is more than most mortgage interest rates. And that is an opportunity for buyers considering investing in rental property, or expanding their portfolio... Read more
2020 June 19
House sales drop almost 50 per cent, but prices stay record levels - House sales in Auckland and New Zealand are almost 50 per cent down on the same time last year, yet prices continue to reach near-record highs. Just 3990 homes sold across the country in May - 47 per cent down on the same month in 2018, the Real Estate Institute's latest monthly sales data showed ... Read more
2020 June 5
The property market seems to be "barrelling on" - Would-be sellers have not let a global pandemic dent the price they want for their houses, new data shows. Property listings site has released data for May, showing average asking prices have reached a record level in seven regions of New Zealand. That is despite predictions that house prices ... Read more
2020 May 22
Rental market bouncing back after quiet April - New rental figures show renters are starting to look around again after very much staying put during lockdown in April. Stuff spoke to Trade Me Property spokesperson Aren Clancy to chat about April numbers and stats as well as the forecast for coming months. Clancy says that there was a jump in searches ... Read more
2020 May 8
Property Investors Undeterred by Downturn - Property investors are not letting Covid-19 put them off their investment strategies, a survey conducted by Corelogic shows. The research was conducted with 272 members of the Property Investors Association, which found that although there are predictions of house prices dropping, over half of the investors are sticking ... Read more
2020 April 24
Reserve Bank proposes removal of LVR restrictions in response to COVID-19 - Big shifts have happened by The Reserve Bank recently with plans to remove loan-to-value ration (LVR) restrictions on residential mortgages for at least a year. With this, The Reserve Bank has given banks seven days notice to do so. The removal of LVR is in response to the economic downturn ... Read more
2020 April 9
We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping in their bubble. - What have you been doing to keep yourself occupied over the past week? We would love to hear from you! We have been remotely working and are loving talking to anyone who wants to have a chat. We are on Skype, Facetime and Zoom or the good old phone. If there is anything else, we can do ... Read more
2020 March 13
Fingers pointed to cash as concerns rise from coronavirus - China has damaged and disinfected cash in areas most affected by the coronavirus, while the Paris Louvre is no longer taking cash, only accepting cards. Everyone recommends washing their hands or using a hand sanitizer after using money, particularly if they are going to eat or handle food ... Read more
2020 February 28
Recession, share market slump, interest rate cuts: How coronavirus might affect your money - Coronavirus... is it going to send the global economy into recession or will it be a distant memory in a few months time? With confirmed cases of the virus now in European countries, is this something to be worried about in NZ? So far, New Zealand has not reported any cases ... Read more
2020 February 14
Property investors to blame for NZ's high house prices, not lack of supply - As house prices continue to increase, discussions around why are coming to surface. A recent research paper published by the Helen Clark Foundation states that property investors are to blame for this. Author Jenny McArthur says that a decades-long boom ... Read more
2020 January 31
No Christmas break for the property market -At the heart of the recent acceleration in value growth across the country is the recovery of property values in Auckland. Quarterly growth of 1.9% to close out the year was the strongest rate since November 2016. This has taken the average value of property in our largest city to $1.047m ... Read more
2019 December 6
The upswing is building up steam - According to the CoreLogic QV House Price Index, average property values rose by 1.0% from October to November, with the annual rate of growth now sitting at 3.3%. That's up from the 2.0% lull in June, and the strongest annual growth figure since November last year ... Read more
2019 November 22
Growth in market continues - The October House Price Index result provides further confirmation that housing market conditions are building momentum, following the tentative signs of growth witnessed last month. The trend towards stronger conditions is consistent with the increased demand for property in the wake of the easing in serviceability ... Read more
2019 November 8
Auckland listings rates: large variation across suburbs - Auckland's property market has been pretty subdued for about three years now, with sales volumes low and average values drifting downwards. Auckland Transport could be changing the Outer Link bus service which may see Dominion Rd, Mt Eden Village and St Lukes removed to stop delays and 'bunching' ... Read more
2019 October 25
Helping your kids buy a home - With the rising cost of property across New Zealand, it’s not surprising that so many parents are having to help their grown-up children buy property. In fact, it’s estimated that the “Bank of Mum and Dad” is the sixth largest lender when it comes to mortgage lending in New Zealand. While bank lending requirements ... Read more
2019 October 11
Auckland's port future, to move or to not? - More than half of Aucklanders want the city's port moved elsewhere, according to a recent survey. Of the 500 people surveyed, only 28% said they would prefer it to stay in Auckland. 34% of those surveyed said they would want it moved within a decade. When asked what they think the space should be used for ... Read more
2019 September 27
Council cash to help strengthen historic sites - A share of more than $200,000 has been given to eleven heritage building owners in an effort to strengthen them against earthquakes. The fund has been criticised by the Property Council and other groups for being insufficient, however council buildings portfolio leader Iona Pannett has justified the matter. ... Read more
2019 September 13
Remembering the battle to get recognition for te reo Māori - Te Wiki o te Reo Maori/ Maori Language Week is upon as, and with all of the events, festivities and involvement that surrounds it, it is also important to remember how far we have come in one generation. The black and white photo pictured is an iconic photo of the 1980 Māori Language protest march to parliament ... Read more
2019 August 30
Free lunches for school kids, Government announces - The PM has just announced a free lunch programme that is to be rolled out in 30 primary and intermediate schools and set to expand upon completion of the trial. Children and young people should not be going hungry, so the initiative is to provide a free lunch every school day from term 1 next year ... Read more
2019 August 16
Tentative Signs of stabilisation in housing market - For anyone looking to sell their home, this article is a must read for you! The latest stats have been released from the Real Estate Institute, detailing a large increase in homes sold in the month of July. These stats are the highest July stats we have seen in three years. Sales are expected to continue to pick up ... Read more
2019 August 2
Mt Eden Bus Lane & Parking Changes - Auckland Transport is increasing the operating hours for bus lanes and clearways in Mt Eden and changing the bus stop layouts in the Village. AT is also lengthening the bus stops to fit two buses and make it easier for buses to safely pull in and out of the stops. While these changes are being made bus lanes will be extended ... Read more
2019 July 12
5000 previous homeowners using KiwiSaver to buy homes each year - More than 5000 former homeowners a year are dipping into their KiwiSaver accounts under the second chance rule. Typically Kiwisaver is for first home buyers to assist with the deposit of their first home, however Figures from Housing New Zealand (HNZ) show 5037 people in the year to ... Read more
2019 June 28
The best in the business - Congratulations to Harcourts Blue Fern Realty Henderson's very own Aaron Davis, who took out the 2019 REINZ National Auctioneering Championship earlier this week after two days of intense competition between 28 auctioneers. To be a great auctioneer, you have to do more than get over any fear of public speaking ... Read more
2019 June 14
Refund The Waste - A recycling scheme that would see consumers refunded a deposit when they returned drinks containers for recycling is being looked at by the Government, the Environment Ministry says. The initiative aims to reduce waste by offering an incentive to recycle plastic goods and litter, therefore reducing the large quantities in our waterways and litter streams ... Read more
2019 May 31
Property investors 'won't all hit insulation deadline' - From July 1st, Insulation will be compulsory in all rental homes. In December, it was estimated that 222,000 homes were still not properly insulated causing a huge rush and demand for the upcoming deadline. If the deadline is not met, a landlord can be required to pay a financial penalty of up to $4000 which will then ... Read more
2019 May 17
Right Market For First-Home Buyer, Hurry Up! - First home buyers, now's the right time to buy! Due to a mix of relaxed lending rules and new regulation of the property market, news doors have been opened to first-home buyers. Data shows that many purchases of homes New Zealand wide are within the first home buyer budget, from Auckland through to ... Read more
2019 May 3
"Newzild" Officially Sexy. Sweet As! - Have you heard? The New Zealand accent has been voted sexiest in the world! In a poll conducted by Big 7 Travel, it appears the Kiwi accent has come out on top competing against 7000 languages and even more varieties of accents and tones. Close behind us was South Africa in at 2nd, Irish 3rd, Italian 4th ... Read more
2019 April 19
Kiwisaver: Are you missing out on money? - Many of us have Kiwisaver, but what a lot of Kiwi's are finding is that we aren't educated or informed on how to get the most out of it. Choosing the wrong Kiwisaver fund could cost you thousands of dollars in retirement, however if set up and managed well the benefits can be huge. Have a read of this article which touches on ... Read more
2019 April 5
Forget Worrying About Rising Interest Rate - Inflation globally has settled structurally lower, interest rates have settled structurally lower. Yields on assets like commercial and residential property, shares and even businesses have settled structurally lower. Will inflation ever return? Fresh data relevant to NZ’s economy has been thin on the ground this week ... Read more
2019 March 22
50 Lives Stolen On The Darkest Day - An insight into some of the amazing people who are using their business as a way to offer support. See how businesses such as Charmed Flowers, My Fathers Barbers, Grizzly Baked Goods, The Great Hall and Christchurch Victims Organising Committee are doing their part for their local community ... Read more
2019 March 8
Why small business have good reason to fear capital gains tax - Our prime minister assures farmers and small business owners that they have "nothing to fear" from a proposed capital gains tax. But they have much to fear. Why? Because small businesses already have to deal with an overwhelmingly onerous, highly regressive, taxation ... Read more
2019 February 14
Our nation’s history - It was great to see our country’s national day this year wasn’t protest-dominated at Waitangi –there was no PM in tears, no one got pelted with mud and no one was throwing their special toys. Whilst the celebrations on the Treaty grounds seem to have become more festive, is there still a disconnect with the majority of New Zealanders ... Read more
2019 January 31
The heat is on! - Don't you just love the weather –hot, cold or indifferent, where would we be without the weather? Conversations would dry up (pardon the pun) with cab drivers, with casual acquaintances in the street, starting conversations would become so much more difficult, in fact we would be totally stuck for that first one liner. Yes it's hot at the moment ... Read more
2019 January 24
Bewildered Beast - Not sure what this beast looks like but I think his name is "Phil" for short. These comments come after a damning report from the New Zealand Initiative which slams the Government's KiwiBuild programme as a "bewildered beast". It's amazing that off-the-cuff promises (pre-election) were ever made without being substantiated by the developers ... Read more
2019 January 17
Life - A Game of Trivial Pursuit - By now you are probably starting to tire of saying and hearing it but ... but Happy New Year!You could be struggling with the back-to-work blues after a good summer break if you have returned, or are you one of lucky ones and still enjoying the bach, boat, beach and bbqs? Anyhow, it's now 2019 and we have a whole new year to .... Read more